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  • Coffee, Coffee Everywhere on Abbot Kinney…but How Much Mulch is too Mulch in the Garden?May 2

    With dozens of places to get a fine cup ‘o joe on our block, you might think we’d be collecting the grounds by the truckload to use at The Cook’s Garden. But this is the time for restraint and information


  • Getting Yourself & Your Garden in Shape for SpringFeb 19

    Spring equinox is March 20th around my part of the world and it’s coming up fast and furious. Now, I have to admit that doing my spring garden prep work was never a source of serious intestinal “knottage” in my earlier years. In fact it was a seasonal milestone that I really looked forward to…a sort of “back to school” feeling that everything was nothing but possibilities.


  • A Garden’s Language of LoveFeb 19

    What makes a perfect Valentine’s Day? Many think it means material things given…a fine dinner, expensive jewelry, exotic perfume, a big box of chocolates. Really? I think all you and your love need do is spend some time in a garden. Well, ok…you can throw in the chocolates too.


  • A Thank You Note to HGEL Friends New and Old…Nov 18

    This installment of my GroEdibles Blog was originally posted at the close of HGEL’s first year in 2009, during the Great Recession. Though our country’s economy continues to improve, our world faces much darkness. Hatred fed by fear threaten to overtake compassion and kindness. Don’t let it.


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