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Jul 17

Putting the SUN in your garden…the beautiful sunflower

Every friend is to the other a sun, and a sunflower also. He attracts and follows. – Jean Paul Richter

Ahhh, soon I’ll start to see the sunflowers as they come up in my clients’ gardens and it’s glorious!

Teddy Bear Sunflowers in the Four Daughters Kitchen garden Manhattan Beach

Mammoth sunflowers in HGEL’s garden at Reaney Design Co. in Manhattan Beach, CA. Beating the birds to the seed harvest is challenging. You can wrap the drying heads with a pantyhose and that should keep the seeds safe until they and you are ready to harvest

So easy to grow!
Click HERE to download PDF on growing sunflowers from UC Davis

The seeds aren’t the only thing that’s edible!

Braised Sunflowers stuffed with Ricotta Cheese


RECIPE for Roasted Sunchokes

Zen priest holds sunflowers seeds. Reuters

“Sunflowers Melt Fukushima’s Nuclear Snow” Reuters

Sunflowers…summer happiness on a stalk!

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