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Oct 1

Soil to Sky – Why Agroecology Can Save the World!

It’s an Agroecology v. Big AG smackdown! My money’s on Agroecology…here’s why –

Click HERE to see a full size version of this info graphic

It’s a no-brainer for organic sustainability gardeners but this graphic has made it so simple and clear for the non-gardening folks among us. Treating the soil, soil food web, air, oceans and animals as one living being to be cared for and nourished is an idea that our agronomy forebearers had practiced for centuries – a practice that we wandered away from in the earlier part of the last century. Since big agriculture is responsible for the largest use of resources at least in this country, returning to an agroecological approach makes such good sense for ourselves and our environment.  To read more about this, read Danielle Nierenberg’s great Huffington Post blog,

Feeding the World Sustainably: Agroecology vs. Industrial Agriculture

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