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Jul 12

The Cook’s Garden by HGEL Opens Garden Boxes for Lease by Home Cooks

Posted by GeriMiller on 12 Jul 2013. Filed under  Announcements, Community Outreach Sustainability Gardens, Cooking, Locavores View Comments


The first harvest of 4 different basils for Willie Jane Restaurant

Grow like the Pros because the Pros grow for you!

Ever since our build-out started at The Cook’s Garden by HGEL on Abbot Kinney here in Venice, CA, we have been approached by many residents in the neighborhood asking about opportunities to lease a box for themselves and their families. While we continue to talk to restaurants and chefs in the area, we have decided to open a limited number of boxes to home cooks in the neighborhood.

We’re not a community garden so think of this as a huge CSA box, but you decide what we grow for you. We sit down with you seasonally to plan and design your planting for the next season all for a weekly cost comparable to the average family’s farmers market/organic grocer budget! We welcome leases split between one other family or person.

Please email us for details on pricing per box and to make an appointment to arrange a lease. Below you’ll find the details about home cook leases at The Cook’s Garden.  If you’d like to download and print a copy, click HERE!

This is one of our Home Cook's Boxes -planted just 2 weeks ago, they got their first harvest of 1.5lbs of lettuce!

“I picked up the harvest and WOW!  That stuff is delicious.  I’m sharing it with my employees.  I honestly don’t think I have ever tasted such yummy lettuce!  I am so excited to see what is next.  Thank you for such a bountiful harvest.  I am really so happy!!!”
All my best,

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