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Read what our fans and clients have to say about us!

Dear Geri… we had a great time at the Mar’sel garden. We feel you went beyond our expectations in regard to your informative lecture, the “hands-on” approach to planting, arranging lunch, a raffle, and letting us take home plants. (I am sure we are forgetting something!) Above and beyond the call of duty! We went directly home and Bob was in the garden immediately. He HAD to get those leeks in the ground! Do you know how long we have been looking for leeks? Anyway, please keep us on the “A” list. I am now your “friend” on facebook so as not to miss a thing. Keep up the good work!

“Thank you for the workshop yesterday!! Loved the lecture and hands-on demonstration. Look forward to learning more on your blog & future classes.”

“I was on the edge of my seat at your class today. I loved it! Will you be presenting anywhere else in South Bay in the near future as I would like to attend one of your next lectures (I had to leave early for a family commitment). You inspired me on so many levels. Love your passion and knowledge for gardening!”

“It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday after following you on FB and your blog for awhile.
Your workshop was so informative and I appreciate the time you spent preparing the written materials. I’ve created a binder so I have a reference guide for all the little details I never seem to remember.
Also, the location at the International Garden Nursery was wonderful. I’ve driven by there so many times, but never stopped in. Now I have another resource for unusual edibles and plants.
Your energy and passion is contagious and I have renewed excitement about maintaining my garden. Looking forward to the next workshop at the South Coast Botanical Gardens.”

“I am so fortunate to not only be a FB friend but have the opportunity to have Home Grown Edible Landscapes work with me in my garden in a one-on-one teaching environment. Learning that there is a lot more to gardening than just “planting the seed” is not only educational and fun but I get to reap what I sow! I also really enjoy your facebook page — love the tips; your positive personality really shines through! Thanks for helping me grow as a gardener.”

Thanks HGEL for helping me create a beautiful California coastal drought tolerant backyard….working with you was a breath of fresh air! Your crew showed up on time and ready to work, there was never a mess at the end of the day. My backyard looks awesome and I love my vegetable garden. We are looking forward to harvesting the tomatoes and eating them with our fresh basil. I can’t wait to see all the color changes this fall and the following seasons. Thanks again and I look forward to having you back for garden consultations.
Cheers to our beautiful garden!

As we developed our vegetable/herb garden this spring, Geri was not only our teacher and co-worker, but she became a good friend.  The harvest through the summer has excited us to now plan our winter garden with HGEL, and we look forward to enjoying our own lettuces, herbs and vegetables year round, year after year.

Thank you so much for a great first year. The passion for what you do truly shines through in what you have done for the small mar’sel garden. We are very lucky to have you as an ambassador for mar’sel and Terranea!

Geri Miller of Home Grown Edible Landscapes has been invaluable in teaching me how to set up our family’s vegetable and herb garden. She taught me how – from the preparation of the garden beds, to the selection of plants for our site, through troubleshooting what wasn’t working. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her love of gardening obvious. Now I know how to grow and maintain a beautiful vegetable garden in my front yard that my family and I enjoy everyday! Thanks HGEL!

HGEL does a most impressive job of collecting these beautiful gems of information that are spread out all over the web, and bringing them all together in one place. Also as a soil scientist and all-around dirt-nerd, I appreciate the fact that HGEL pays proper homage to the biomantle. Congrats on a great job, keep up the good work and cheers!!

I love HGEL! For a novice gardener like me, it’s a wonderful resource. I look forward to the tips, how-to’s and helpful information that is posted almost every day on Facebook. Even though I’m across the country, HGEL customizes advice and resources so that I can apply them to my gardening region.  Now my neighbors are fans! In fact, we hope to have HGEL out in the spring to help us coordinate a neighborhood “Ground Breaking” party. Can’t wait! Keep up the good work!

Ya’aaaay! HGEL got to 8,000 fans [on the HGEL facebook fan page]! Way to go to one of the best gardening resources I’ve seen ever!

You know, I am starting to get a “what would I do without HGEL” attitude! Keep all this good stuff coming…you are educating and feeding my new addiction: veggie gardening! Thank you!

Many thanks HGEL! I really appreciate all the time and advice – especially from someone who made me feel so comfortable to ask what I thought were some of the silliest questions but I needed the answers! It’s really good to know that we are on the right path just need of a little fine tuning. Many thanks.

Thank you so much for coming over and giving me those fantastic ideas. I would have never thought of them on my own!

Thank you so much for coming out and helping me with my garden. Your tips and ideas are great and I will put them to great use.