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Archive for the ‘Cocktail gardens’ Category

Feb 6

Oh, for the Love of Citrus! Two newer varieties showing up in commercial nurseries…

Two newer (to our commercial nurseries) citrus varieties sure to make you pucker up and kiss your nursery owner!


Oct 4

Well…infu-use me! Now it’s legal?

As those of you who have followed my GroEdibles blog and facebook page for awhile may remember, I have written and lectured about and designed cocktail gardens as well as thoroughly enjoyed the ‘garden-fresh’ infused cocktails produced from them for years now. We’re talking about the garden-to-glass movement that has been as popular with skilled […]


Apr 11

Garden-to-Glass: Planning, Planting and using a Cocktail Garden

A few years later and garden-to-table is no longer just the chef’s territory. Bartenders want some of the agronomy action too! That’s right – garden-to-glass.