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Keep Monsanto’s GMO Products Off Your Family’s Plate!

[Excerpt from Center for Food Safety article, Sept. 22, 2011]
Surveys over the past decade have consistently shown that Americans don’t want to eat genetically engineered (GE or GMO) food. Despite the overwhelming opposition to this risky new food technology, the biotech giant Monsanto continues to impose its unlabeled GMO’s onto our dinner plates.

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Tell Obama to Cease FDA Ties to Monsanto

“President Obama, I oppose your appointment of Michael Taylor, a former VP and lobbyist for Monsanto, the widely criticized genetically modified (GM) food multinational, as senior advisor to the commissioner at the FDA. Taylor is the same person who as a high-ranking official at the FDA in the 1990s promoted allowing genetically modified organisms into the U.S. food supply without undergoing a single test to determine their safety or risks.
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Memphis, TN

photos from Mr. Guerrero's Facebook page

A Memphis, Tennessee math teacher, along with three students from his neighborhood, tend an urban garden, keep bees, make vermicompost, produce biofuel, and make soap with the byproducts of biofuel production. The teacher does this on his own time, on his own property, after spending all day teaching. This is the kind of teacher that wins awards, that students look back on years later as the one that made a difference. But in Memphis, Tennessee, this teacher is a “public nuisance.” And he’s been ordered to dismantle his garden.

Raleigh-Egypt High School math teacher Adam Guerrero, who tends the garden with three neighbors and students, (Jarvis, Jovantae, and Shaquielle) was cited by the city for creating a public nuisance – specifically with violating city ordinance… Read the full Treehugger article…


Los Angeles, CA

Ron Finley and his now famous parkway edible garden

The following is from

Ron’s garden is no longer in danger but we need to change the City’s policies so we can grow edibles freely in our communities where they can inspire others

Support Ron Finley’s garden / planting of edibles on parkways
Posted in Events, Gardens, Q & A by Vanessa Vobis – Aug 19, 2011

Last year, Green Grounds continued our dedication to locally-produced edibles in South Los Angeles with our second ever Dig-In (off Exposition Blvd). We came together to help Ron Finley transform the street-side planter area outside his home from weeds and dirt into a lush edible garden. Since the Dig-In, the parking strip has become a well talked-about garden where it is not uncommon to see local residents gathering to discuss gardening, food, and the neighborhood. Below are before-and-after photos from the last year.

Ron was recently cited by the City of Los Angeles Dept of Public Works for the garden on violations related to Los Angeles Municipal Code 56.08. We at Green Grounds disagree with the interpretation of the ordinance and support Ron’s assertation that the garden is well kept, safe, and within the dimensions of the guidelines. Beyond the compliance, we think the garden is an asset to the neighborhood. Please help us in supporting this garden by signing the petition at

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Ron Finley parkway before

Ron Finley's parkway edible landscape Aug 2011