Commercial Gardens

Photo credit - Jackie Jung, mar'sel Restaurant, Terranea Resort

We design, install and manage our organic practice gardens to meet your business’s needs. These gardens can be used as strictly sustainable production gardens for our restaurant and spa clients or an effective community outreach tool that will demonstrate your business’s commitment to sustainability and your community while bringing in new clients through events and classes held in your garden. Here are some commercial garden designs available:

Restaurant & Hotel Culinary Gardens

Spa Aromatherapy Gardens

Cocktail Gardens

Community Teaching Garden

Top 10 Restaurant Trends in 2012

Maintenance and staff training packages are available. HGEL Apprenticeships are available. Learn more about The HGEL Apprentice Program.

The Top 5 Trends for 2012 according to the National Restaurant Association:

  1. Locally sourced meats and seafood
  2. Locally grown produce
  3. Healthy kids’ meals
  4. “Hyper-local” items – such as restaurants with their own gardens and chefs who do their own butchering
  5. Sustainability as a culinary theme
  6. ….read more

Some of our commercial clients…