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Commercial Gardens  •  Client: mar’sel

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mar’sel’s Edible Production Garden at Terranea Resort • Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Click HERE to see the current seasonal design plan and planting list for fall 2012.
Here are additional varieties not shown on the plan:
Beets – Bull’s Blood, Chioggia
Brocolli – DiCiccio, Purple Peacock
Brussel Sprouts – Nautic
Carrots – Sunshine mix (orange, yellow, wht)
Purple Cauliflower – Veronica Romanesco, Cheddar
Chard – Rainbow, Bright Light
Kale – Redbor, Red Russian, Tuscan
Kohlrabi – Purple Vienna
Leeks – American Flag
Lettuce – Gourmet Salad Blend, Grn Oakleaf, Red Oakleaf, Mesclun Mix, Grn. Romaine, Red Romaine, Freckles, Buttercrunch
Mizuna – purple
Onions – Red, Walla Walla
Radishes – Breakfast, Crimson

Emphasizing Chef Fiorelli’s ‘terroir’ approach to his cuisine, mar’sel’s garden provides Chef with many of the fresh ingredients that are featured in his dishes at mar’sel. The organic mar’sel garden is designed and managed by Home Grown Edible Landscapes and is the site of hands-on gardening workshops and lectures throughout the growing season.

Download Chef Fiorelli’s recipes for:

  • Herb crusted Colorado lamb loin, braised shoulder, lamb sausage, shell bean cassoulet
  • Buttermilk English Muffins
  • Nine Roasted Autumn Vegetables with Duck Salami, Burrata Cheese, and 20 year Old Balsamic Vinegar

    View a photo gallery of Chef Fiorelli’s dishes

    For the full story on the rebirth of the mar’sel garden, see our blogs from October 2009:

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    South Bay Sparkle blog post about mar’sel 2012 spring garden party.


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