Themed Gardens

Always guided by the principles of sustainability, our designs are crafted to reflect you and your family’s favorite things…

  • Growing your own in a vintage heirloom edible garden. We show you how easy (and tasty) these antique varieties can be.
  • Back-to-School was never this fun! We design a ‘learning garden’ around your child’s favorite subject:  a math or science garden, storybook garden, art garden, history/multi-cultural garden…and more!
  • Culinary arts garden…like having a chef in your own backyard, this garden is designed around your favorite cuisine and comes with a matching recipe collection.
  • Butterflies, hummingbirds and ladybugs – this wildlife garden is guaranteed to bring the WILD THINGS into your family’s life, up close and personal!

Victory gardens

heirloom varieties of veggies with a ‘back to basics’ approach. Think heirlooms are difficult? We’ll show you why a “thing of the past” is “all about the future” – successfully growing open-pollinated heirlooms for seed saving.

A Child’s garden

designed around your child’s favorite story or subject.

The Artful Garden – growing your own art supplies

A folktale garden…The Three Sisters Garden

Chef’s garden

Sage, rosemary and thyme! Your garden is designed around your favorite cuisine….just like having a professional chef in your garden!

Chef Michael Fiorelli of mar’sel restaurant at Terranea Resort

Habitat gardens

We teach you and your family to design habitat gardens that will attract and sustain birds, butterflies and hummingbirds in your yard. As urban development encroaches on more and more of our wild spaces, this type of garden design is becoming an important part of sustaining these creatures for our future generations.
Caterpillar Butterfly

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And many more….

Wildlife Sites:

Butterflies: UC Davis

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