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Oct 31

mar’sel/Terranea Edible Gardening Lesson #3: Installation Daze!

Happy Anniversary to the mar’sel edible garden! This is Part Four in this blog series on “The Rebirth of a Garden”. Be sure to read Part 1, 2 and 3 for a great community story as well as great tips and resources on soil management, edible planting strategies and design tips.


Oct 17

mar’sel/Terranea Edible Gardening Lesson #1: Starting from the Ground Up – Testing the Soil

It was a beautiful day to be playing in the dirt! A beautiful surrounding landscape, gorgeous views, great mild weather….gardening perfection at Terranea!


Oct 9

Lost Potential: Benign or not…I can’t bear the sight of a neglected patch of earth

This landscape was speaking to me…..and then I saw the raised beds outside of mar’sel restaurant… What message could a successful and productive commercial edible garden send to the public strolling by to the beach or on their way to dinner? “Here we are….we’re growing our own food just like you!” the garden could shout out! “Come see what we’re doing and be inspired!” the garden could scream! I couldn’t just walk away.