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Sep 25

Growing Veggies in Containers (PDF)

Source: LA County Master Gardener Program Click on image to download PDF


Jul 18

Gardening Guides – U.S. & International: State/Regional

The following links are gardening guides requested by HGEL fans from across the country and around the world on our facebook fan page. I have only posted guides from reliable sites (i.e. university horticulture depts. & cooperative extension offices, Master Gardener sites, etc.)


May 1

Spotlight Edible of the Day: Corn

Corn has deep roots.
Roots that entwine so deeply into our collective ancestral memory that we can accurately describe corn as ancient.


Apr 11

Garden-to-Glass: Planning, Planting and using a Cocktail Garden

A few years later and garden-to-table is no longer just the chef’s territory. Bartenders want some of the agronomy action too! That’s right – garden-to-glass.


Mar 28

Spotlight Veg of the Week: Eggplant

Not only is this fruit delicious, it is also a beautiful addition to your edible landscape as it brings gorgeous color, shape of leaf, a knock-out flower and of course the lovely characteristics of its fruit to your garden.


Mar 19

Spotlight Edible of the Day: Basil

Basil is the most widely used herb in the world and a FAV among edible landscapers! We knew there was a reason we loved it…


Mar 15

Spotlight Edible of the Day: Cool Season Crops – Nutritional Powerhouse Plants: GREENS

I know that it’s likely that you’ve dashed your nutritional New Year’s Resolutions to bits by now so I felt compelled to sing the praises of these ‘gentle giants’ of the cool season garden just so you’re armed with the “411” when you regain your nutritional sanity in time for spring and summer! So… here we go.


Feb 19

How to Build a Raised Bed

How do I build a raised bed?
This is such a common question that I decided to dedicate an installment of my GroEdibles blog to this subject so that you can refer back to it as needed.


Dec 30

GMO/Monsanto-Free Seed Companies, Seed Starting, and Other “Seedy” Things…

As we are digging ourselves out of the snow banks or watching the flood water recede and preparing for the next winter storm, I will wager dollars to dahlias that we are dreaming of our spring gardens! Isn’t that how gardeners spend their New Years?


Oct 19

Spotlight Edible of the Day: Cool Season Crops – Peas

“How luscious lies the pea within the pod.” ~ Emily Dickinson